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Tennis Outdoor Stadium Gelora Bung Karno (Center Court) is an international standard outdoor sporting arena with size of the arena is 1.988 square meters, using a layer of comport coating, surface evolution and softbase as a surface material, with Gigatera 800 watt LED lighting. Tennis Outdoor Stadium (Center Court) has 2 (two) fields with capacity of tribune 3.800 seats and 22 VIP seats. Tennis Outdoor Stadium also equipped with international standard lamps for evening sport activities. Besides used for tennis and other sports activities, Tennis Outdoor Stadium can also be used for multi-event activities both sports and non-sports, both commercial and non-commercial, such as exhibitions, concerts, corporate and family gathering.

At the XVIII Asian Games to be held starting on August 18, 2018 in the area of GBK, Tennis Outdoor is used as a host venue for basketball and basketball 3 x 3 sport competition.

Several events taking place at the Tennis Outdoor are national and international tournaments. This venue is also a multifunction hall