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After the renovation for 18th Asian Games 2018, Aquatic Stadium consists of 4 (four) international standard pools with semi indoor concept

  • main pool with a size of 50 mx 25 m x 3 m with 8 lines,
  • water polo pool with a depth of 3 m,
  • beautiful diving pool with size 21 m x 25 m x 5 m,
  • warming up pool on the ground floor with a size of 20 m x 50 m 1.4 m to 2 m.

Aquatic Stadium Gelora Bung Karno is already equipped with public supporting facilities such as toilets, mosques, sound system, VIP room, player’s changing room, office spaces, medical room, and parking area.

Here are full specification of Aquatic Stadium:

  •  Sky Pool System
  • 24 Hours UV Filtering System
  • 7830 single seats, 800 telescopic seats
  • Solar cell panel
  • Turnstile for access control
  • 4k CCTV system for security
  • Digital ticketing system
  • High speed Wifi, 4.5G cellular network

Aquatic stadium can be used for tournaments (national and international tournaments) or for daily routine exercices or practice.

For the XVIII Asian Games to be held starting on August 18, 2018, Venue Aquatic Stadium is used for several sports competition such as diving, swimming, water polo and synchronised swimming.

Several events taking place at the Aquatic Stadium are national and international tournaments. This venue is also used for regular exercise.