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Archery Field Gelora Bung Karno is an international standard archery field that has a length of 59 meters for international rounds (with a land area of 10.471 square meters for international rounds). The grass used in this field is a natural grass. This archery field is already equipped with public supporting facilities such as toilets, mosques, VIP room, player’s changing room, and top-down tribunes with the capacity of 97 seats. Archery field Gelora Bung Karno can be used for archery tournament or for daily routine archery exercices or practice.

At the XVIII Asian Games to be held starting on August 18, 2018 in the area of GBK, the archery field will be used as a host venue for archery sport competition.

Archery fields are usually used for archery competitions both nationally and internationally. In addition, Archery Fields are routinely used as venues for archery practice and other non-sport activities.