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The inauguration of the President Director and Director of Development and Business Development for the Bung Karno Complex Management Complex (PPKGBK) was held on January 6, 2020 at the Multipurpose Hall of the Ministry of State Secretariat Building. After the inauguration procession and taking the oath of office, on the same day the PPKGBK Directors held a Farewell and Welcome activity for the President Director at the Royal Box at the GBK Main Stadium.

Attended by the Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Plt. Head of Internal Supervision Unit, Head of Division, Head of Unit, and PPKGBK Experts, Separate and Welcome activities as well as the submission of GBK Documents from the former President Director, Winarto to the newly appointed President Director, Rakhmadi Afif Kusumo, witnessed directly by the Head of the Supervisory Board, Prof. Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej and Member of the Supervisory Board of PPKGBK, Cecep Sutiawan.

In his remarks the Chairman of the PPKGBK Supervisory Board expressed his gratitude for the hard work during the leadership of the President Director, Winarto and also congratulated him on carrying out his retirement. Congratulations on serving also to the newly appointed President Director, Rakhmadi Afif Kusumo to work together to bring GBK to be even better and to realize the vision and mission that GBK carries.

Winarto as the Former Director of PPKGBK in his speech conveyed a message that Rakhmadi Afif Kusumo could continue his performance and fix existing shortcomings with the new team. Not to forget he apologized if during his tenure there were actions, attitudes or other things that were less pleasing to the hearts of PPKGBK employees.

Rakhmadi Afif Kusumo, President Director of PPKGBK who was recently appointed, said he was grateful to Allah SWT for having succeeded in going through an open selection process conducted by the Ministry of State Secretariat. Mandate as President Director makes an encouragement for across generations to work together and collaborate to make a positive contribution in providing professional services and increasing digitization in the region. This is an effort to make GBK a better community activity center. At the end of the event, it was closed with the delivery of souvenirs and group photos.