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Entering the GBK area, a series of neatly arranged plants seemed to welcome the people who came. Not an easy job to make the GBK area to be neater, green, beautiful, clean, safe and comfortable. In an effort to make the GBK area more beautiful, GBK Management built the GBK Green House.

Located around the East Plaza and part of the upper floor of Parking A Building, GBK Green House is a place to cultivate plants. GBK Green House is made of net or woven webs. This webbing is able to control and limit the intensity of sunlight shining on plants. In addition, this net can also protect plants from rainfall and pests that can damage plants. Several types of plants now occupy space in GBK Green House including rambusa, red kana, bombay silk, red caladium star, sea fir, and Japanese jasmine. These plants will be used to decorate the landscape in the GBK area.

In the future, Green House GBK will also be a place to cultivate rare plants. The GBK area has 5.897 trees growing in and 973 of them are rare and endemic trees in Indonesia. In addition, the community, especially students and students can see firsthand the process of plant cultivation carried out by GBK.