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"Many roads lead to Rome" is a term commonly heard as an effort to achieve a goal. Where are you going after we finish high school? To answer this question, PT. Mawara Komunika Utama is holding an educational festival "Campus Pro 2020" on 11-13 February 2020 at Istora GBK.

Hundreds of higher education exhibition stands filled the Istora hall and arena. Starting from formal educational institutions to professional institutions such as presenters, sailors or pilots can be an option. This festival is free for visitors. The committee even provides free transportation facilities for students whose schools are in the Greater Jakarta area. The visitors who came were mostly high school students. Various activities to attract attention were also held at each booth, including explanations related to educational activities, interactive competitions, photo booths, to mini studios.

It is hoped that the activities can be utilized by education managers to provide information on the world of education and the academic community of their educational institutions. In addition, students can also take advantage of this festival as an introduction to the world of higher education and informal education or expertise. So that later these students can determine the choice of the next level of education. This is very influential in producing professional workers who are able to develop the potential to answer challenges in the digitalization era.