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Wednesday morning (12 / 6), the Ministry of State Secretariat (Kemensetneg) held an innovation appreciation event "2018 Innovation Award" in Krida Bhakti Building, Ministry of State Secretariat. Through this event, the Ministry of State Secretariat which seeks to realize itself as the Smart Governance Institution, gives an appreciation of the results of innovation in the realm of work and services carried out by Kemensetneg officials / employees during the 2018 year. This is expected to be able to inspire and stimulate other officials / employees to create and develop new innovations in the 2019 year.

On the third year of the event, GBK won an award for the Culinary Cart innovation in the Service Sector category. In his remarks, Minister of State Secretary Pratikno said that innovation facilitates the way we work and makes it easier for people to enjoy our services. For example, innovation in public space at GBK can be enjoyed by the public.

Culinary carts in the GBK area are GBK innovation programs in order to create harmony among street vendors. The GBK Culinary Cart accommodates community needs for drinks and snacks, and also sells and prepaid cards (Tapcash, Emoney, Brizzi and Flazz) using EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machines. GBK Culinary Carts are also environmentally friendly. By using 2 cross section of solar panels on each cart that can produce energy of 70 watts used to meet its electricity needs.