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After 4's debut year, WINNER was able to greet fans directly from 17 November 2018 at Tennis Indoor GBK. WINNER's first concert in Indonesia was also welcomed with the enthusiasm of the Inner Circle as WINNER fans as they sold all the tickets provided. The long queues of fans were very crowded from daylight even though the doors of the new concert area opened in the afternoon and started a little late did not eliminate the enthusiasm of the audience.

A blue luminous lighstick that lingers with the shout of the audience is the beginning of opening a concert. Kang Seung Yoon, Kim Jin Woo, Song Mino, and Lee Seung Hoon appeared on stage with the opening song Empty. During the turn of the song, all personnel greeted the fans by shouting, "How are you? And I love you "who responded immediately to the audience's shout. The stage action which was very entertaining to the fans did not seem to run for two hours. When the stage was dark and the personnel disappeared from the stage, without the command of the audience singing the song Moviestar hoped the personnel would do it yet and entertained them once again, which was then greeted by the appearance of the personnel in more casual costumes to entertain the audience who still wanted to see them sing. "Inner Circle Indonesia, you are our movie star. Thank you for making our day fantastic! ” Kang Seung Yoon exclaimed in front of thousands of fans at the Indoor Tennis GBK. The evening program was closed with two final WINNER songs, Really and Everyday, very sweetly.