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Plt. GBK's Director of Development and Business Development, Agus Trisyuwanto with the Former President Director of PT. Persija Jakarta, Gede Widiade, and the Chairperson of Jakmania provided basic food assistance to field officers on duty in the GBK area (2/7/2020). This activity is a form of appreciation to the field officers in the GBK area who have been tasked with maintaining safety, cleanliness and comfort when Persija Jakarta held its match at GBK. For the last 3 years Persija Jakarta has held almost all of its matches at GBK.

"During the Covid-19 pandemic, all levels of society were affected and underwent a difficult situation. We have carried out activities to provide basic foodstuffs in several places such as in Bekasi and South Jakarta. Today we distribute 700 packages to field officers on duty at GBK such as security, cleaning and security officers who we often reproach when Persija competes. On behalf of the person and the Jakmania management, we would like to thank all levels of GBK Management, and officers in the field. Please don't look at the value, but please, this is a form of our concern, ”said Gede Widiade. Plt. The Director of Development and Business Development of GBK also expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the basic food assistance provided by Mr. Gede Widiade and the Jakmania Management.

The basic food aid was symbolically given by the Chairperson of Jakmania, Gede Widiade and Plt. Director of Business Development and Development to representatives from cleaning staff (PT. ISS), field staff (PT. Putratama Satya Bhakti) and gardeners (PT. Frenkie Nursery Landscape). Furthermore, other basic food assistance was immediately distributed to other field officers while still observing the health protocol.