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Gelora Bung Karno management strives to provide the best service to the community, especially in the field of preparing sports infrastructure and facilities. Even though during the COVID-19 pandemic, various maintenance activities for the GBK venue were still carried out. One of the venues that was opened during the Covid-19 pandemic is the B GBK Soccer Field, which is only open Monday to Friday. This venue is only open for a few sessions per day while still implementing strict health protocols in accordance with the guidelines given by the parent of each sport.

To maintain the optimization of venue quality, apart from routine maintenance, GBK Management also carries out repair work. One of the repair works carried out was the drainage repair work in the B GBK Field. Field B is overgrown with native grass of the Zoysia japonica type. In optimizing the growth of Zoysia japonica grass in Field B GBK, drainage and planting media were improved as an effort to improve the quality of field B, especially when it rains so that inundation does not occur. Since mid-September 2020, the GBK Management rested the use of the B GBK Field and began working on repairing drainage and planting media in high-use areas. The existing drainage layer consists of sand, geotextile, drainage pipe and split stone. For the new drainage point after the sand media layer, a 30 cm wide drain panel is inserted. In addition to the addition of drainage, planting media in areas of high use, such as the middle, wickets, and areas of the line judge were also replaced with new planting media. The replacement of new planting media allows grass to grow back optimally. In this repair process, there is the use of new equipment, namely a lorry which is used to facilitate the transfer of material so as to minimize traces on the grass surface. The use of this lorry for the first time was used in repair and maintenance work on a football field.

The corrective steps taken include making improvements in the design of the drainage distance which was originally added every 4 meters so that it becomes every 2 meters, making coordinate points to get parallel lines, marking with ropes, doing sodding (peeling grass into 40 cm x wide slabs of grass. 1.5 m). After that, the planting medium is dug up to the geotextile layer. Before installing the drain panel, leveling is carried out at a slope of 0,5% for drainage. After leveling, the drain panel is installed and then covered again with a layer of sand. Before planting the grass, the sand is compacted first using a stamper and then the grass from the soddingan is replanted. The grass that is planted must also be ensured that it is clean from weeds, if the grass has been contaminated with a lot of weeds, replace the grass with the same grass seeds and have been prepared in the nursery GBK beforehand. The construction process is carried out in stages, so routine maintenance must still be carried out. Routine maintenance that is still carried out includes watering, pruning and replacing weeds in areas that are not affected by repair.

After the repair process was carried out, the field took 2 months to return to use. The community can reuse field B in December 2020. It is hoped that this effort can be a solution to the problem of inundation that often appears and optimize planting media for grass growth, especially in Field B GBK.covid-19.