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Bung Karno

Know From nearby Bung Karno

Starting from Asean Games III 1958 in Tokyo where by Asian Games Federation, Indonesia was appointed to be the organizer Asian Games IV 1962. So at that time First Indonesian President Ir. Soekarno immediately answered the challenge to determine the exact location for the grand event, by building Infrastructures Sport.

See the geographical location and the development of the city later in the day, the choice fell to the south is the area Senayan, Which is the boundary between the City and Satellite Jakarta Kebayoran Baru.

The opening ceremony Asian Games IV in 1962 held at the Bung Karno Main Stadium which was attended by more than 110.000 people. At his speech First Indonesian President Ir. Soekarno (Bung Karno) said that this event was a milestone for the Indonesian Nation, especially in the field of sports which was part of Nation and Character Building, As well as in the framework of association with other nations in the world.

A year later it was carried out GANEFO (Games of The New Emergencing Forces) to 1 years 1963, With the completion of construction of Bung Karno Stadium at that time proves that Indonesia is able to carry out the construction of an international-standard sports complex at the time there were a lot owned by developed countries though. Along with the development of the Bung Karno dikomplek implemented various construction of sports facilities and other supporting facilities.

Support to the sports world into focus and our attention where Bung Karno has planted and not less than Rp. 1 trillion in the form of various Infrastructure and other facilities as a form of contribution to the world of sports.

Currently, the Gelora Bung Karno area has various facilities for sports activities as many as 36 venues, politics, business, recreation and tourism. Another function of the Gelora Bung Karno Area is to have 84% of the Green Open Area, which is a water catchment area with a green environment covering an area of ​​67,5%, which still has the preservation of various large and shady rare trees which are urban forests as well as home to 22 types of wild birds always singing throughout the day adds to the beautiful atmosphere in this area.

In addition, an integrated and comprehensive arrangement has been carried out in the Bung Karno Gelora Area, namely by the construction of plazas, gates, fountains and pedestrians which are none other than to improve appearance and comfort for the user community visiting the Bung Karno Gelora Area.

Background The establishment of Bung Karno

1.  Presidential Decree 318 1962 Year:

  • The formation of the Bung Karno Foundation.

2.  Presidential Decree 4 1984 Year:

  • Agency business Senayan Sports as Several times amended, Last Modified By Presidential Decree 94 2004 year.

3.  Presidential Decree 7 2001 Year:

  • Name Change Senayan Sports Become Bung Karno Stadium.

4.  Finance Ministerial Decree No. 233 2008 Year:

  • On Determination Bung Karno As BLU (Public Service Board).