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The GBK area functions not only as a sports facility, but also as a means of social, cultural, political, recreational activities, even as a new green area for the city of Jakarta. During the renovation, GBK expanded the green land of GBK Urban Forest on an area of ​​± 45.000 m2. The GBK City Forest is a green open space that adds to the lung area of ​​the city of Jakarta.

"As a manager, GBK Management has the duty to maintain, maintain and improve the quality of functions and the role of the region in contributing oxygen to the people of Jakarta," said Winarto, Managing Director of GBK.

One of the concrete actions carried out by GBK Management was to continue planting trees in the GBK Urban Forest on 17 Mei 2019 with Plataran Indonesia. In this activity, the GBK Directors and the Board of Directors of Plataran Indonesia symbolically planted 17 shady trees. The choice of 17 numbers is not meaningless. The 17 number contains special meaning as the Indonesian independence day. It is expected that the trees that have been planted will grow shady and can reduce carbon monoxide levels in motorized vehicles. The GBK Urban Forest has become the oxygen-producing city of Jakarta's lungs

In the future, more diverse types of tree planting will continue to be carried out by GBK with Plataran Indonesia. Yozua Makes as CEO of Plataran Indonesia, hopes that the City Forest will later carry out the concept of "Light of Nusantara", not only can be enjoyed by the people of Jakarta but also the Indonesian and international communities by promoting the aspects of nature, culture and glory of Indonesia, including culinary.