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Based on the Regulation of the Governor of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta Number 101 of 2020 concerning Amendments to Governor Regulation Number 79 of 2020 concerning the Application of Discipline and Law Enforcement of Health Protocols as Prevention and Control Efforts Corona Virus Disease 2019, the Management Center for the Bung Karno Sports Complex (GBK) issued a policy adjustment in the GBK area. This policy adjustment was made based on the evaluation of activities during the implementation of the previous PSBB.

Some of these policy adjustments are related to operating hours, access, parking and health protocols. The details of the policy include:

  1. Since October 14, 2020, the operational time for the GBK Area starts at 05.00 WIB and closes at 22.00 WIB.
  2. Retail operational time in the GBK area opens at 06.00 WIB and closes at 21.00 WIB.
  3. Access in and out of vehicles and pedestrians can be through Door 5, Door 7 and Door 10 of the GBK area. Especially for Friday, Door 4 access will be opened for pedestrians from 10.00 WIB to 14.00 WIB this is done to accommodate people who will carry out Friday prayer services at the Al Bina GBK Mosque.
  4. For people who use vehicles, they can use several parking bags at GBK, namely parking for motorbikes in the helipad parking lot, Aquatic Stadium, GBK Arena and Multipurpose Building, while car parking bags are in the helipad parking lot, ABC Field, Aquatic Stadium, South Parking , GBK Arena and Convention Building.
  5. GBK Main Stadium Ring Road is open from 05.00 to 22.00 WIB.
  6. Visitor entry access to Ring Road GBK Main Stadium specifically on Saturdays and Sundays only through Door A (West Plaza) which will be opened and closed periodically and access is through Door D, Door E and Door G.
  7. Number of visitors Ring Road The GBK Main Stadium will be limited in turns with a maximum number of visitors of 1.000 people and a maximum time of 1 (one) hour per session, as listed in the following table:
1 05.00WIB 1.000 people 06.00WIB
2 06.30WIB 1.000 people 07.30WIB
3 08.00WIB 1.000 people 09.00WIB
4 09.30WIB 1.000 people 10.30WIB
5 11.00WIB 1.000 people 12.00WIB
6. 15.30WIB 1.000 people 16.30WIB
7. 17.00WIB 1.000 people 18.00WIB
8. 18.30WIB 1.000 people 19.30WIB
9. 20.00WIB 1.000 people 21.00WIB


  1. Visitors who are less than 9 years old and pregnant women are prohibited from entering the GBK area. For visitors aged 9-12 years must be accompanied by parents. All visitors must comply with applicable health protocols, including checking body temperature at the entrance to the area and ring road, wash your hands, use a mask, maintain a minimum physical distance of 2 meters and not cluster.


These various policies will be evaluated periodically and adjusted to the policies of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government and conditions in the field. GBK management continues to strive to remind and appeal to the public regarding the 3M Health Protocol (Wearing Masks, Washing Hands, and Maintaining Distance) through various media, both printed and electronic, this is also done by officers in the field. It is hoped that with this policy, the public can maintain physical health and fitness through various sports activities at GBK while adhering to applicable health protocols. This is done to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. If not us, who else!