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President of the Republic of Indonesia accompanied by Vice President, Minister of Public Works and Housing Rakyart, Minister of State Secretary, Minister of Youth and Sports, and Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, inaugurated Bung Karno Main Stadium (14 / 1 / 2018). The renovation process of the Main Stadium which has started since August 2016 has now been completed, this renovation is the biggest renovation in the history of GBK. GBK Main Stadium is now the largest stadium, complete and most sophisticated in Indonesia, even today became one of the best and most beautiful stadium in the world. The Bung Karno Main Stadium has now officially become the world's brightest stadium with total lighting of 3500 lux.

In a brief but meaningful speech, President Jokowi said, "Speaking bismillahir rahmanir Rahim and with the grace of God Almighty, this afternoon I declare the major renovation of the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium to be inaugurated and its use begins ”. At the end of the President's remarks, there were cheers and applause from the 36.220 spectators with great enthusiasm and pride shouting to one another, "Indonesia ... Indonesia ...". The slick and charming lighting action both from inside and outside the stadium accompanied the signing of the SUGBK Inauguration Inscription by the President of the Republic of Indonesia. The game of light was very mesmerizing, inviting the admiration of the audience who watched it live at the Main Stadium. The President and other honorary guests occupy the Royal Box which is now equipped with bullet-proof glass.

The inauguration of the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium ended with a friendly match between the Indonesian National Team against Iceland which ended with a score of Indonesia 1-4 for Iceland. Despite winning in the first round, the Indonesian national team must recognize Iceland's superiority. The match which was quite interesting made almost all the spectators reluctant to leave their seats.