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More than 56 children and their companions from the Remote Village Indigenous Communities throughout Indonesia visited the GBK Main Stadium on Thursday, 14 November 2019. The visit to the GBK Main Stadium is one of a series of Golden Generation Festival activities held by the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. Originating from different regions, environments and customs, they come together in this festival.

That afternoon, two buses ushered in a group of Remote Village Indigenous Communities to stop at the Yellow Door of the GBK Main Stadium. Some of them were stunned staring at the sturdy pillars supporting the roof frame on it. By going in unison they entered the Main Stadium. Joy began to be seen when they began to set foot on the board that became an athletic track. Topping the excitement together, a running race was held, which was greeted with great enthusiasm. Not only the children but the assistants also participated. The winners of the competition also received souvenirs as a memento from GBK.

One of the children told me that this was an extraordinary experience for him to go outside the village, let alone see a big city seeing their bus for the first time. Then there was also a child who told me that to go to school he had to get up around 2 at dawn to go to school and then return home at 9 at night, a very extraordinary struggle they had done to get an education. An effort to get a better future, with various existing limitations can be an inspiration that in remote areas does not mean they become isolated. This spirit of being better is in line with the spirit of the Golden Generation Festival so that these children can become agents of change that will bring goodness in the future.