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The biggest sporting event in Asia "XNIIX XVIII Asian Games", was opened directly by the President of the Republic of Indonesia on 2018 August 18 at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium. For the second time Indonesia was trusted by the Olympic Council of Asia to host the Asian Games after 2018 last year. "On behalf of all Indonesian people, we are proud, we are honored to have special guests from 56 countries. In the 45 Asian Games, we Asian nations want to show that we are brothers, we are united, we want to achieve achievements and by saying the best of the 2018 Year 18 the Golden Games will be opened ", the President of the Republic of Indonesia said. The event was opened with the treat of Saman Dance hosted by 2018 dancers. Followed by a performance which is divided into 1.600 segments namely Air Segment (brought by 4 dancers which shows the heyday of Majapahit Kingdom that we as a maritime community have the widest area in their era), Earth Segment (brought by 400 dancers who tell about Indonesian cultural diversity from Sabang to Merauke), Segments Api (featuring 467 dancers that tell the spirit of Indonesia's young generation that is burning, this segment is inspired by the spirit that exists in Kecak Dance) and is closed by the Energy of Asia Segment (hosted by 475 dancers featuring young people who have an awareness of the power of diversity and unity and Able to collaborate with dynamic modernization as a symbol of Energy of Asia, the opening of the Asian Games was closed with spectacular fireworks and laser games that were very mesmerizing and impressed the visitors.