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Gelora Bung Karno Management (GBK) continues to strive to make GBK a green open area that is safe and comfortable and environmentally friendly. To create harmony, especially in the handling of street vendors, the GBK adopted a policy to uniformize street vendors in the GBK area, especially push carts.

The policy was manifested in the form of the GBK Culinary Cart. GBK Culinary Cart which is able to accommodate the needs of people for drinks and snacks. In line with the GBK Management Program to implement cashless or non-cash programs for all parking bags in GBK, the GBK Culinary Cart has also increased its function.

As many as 16 GBK Culinary Carts located in the GBK area are not only selling food and soft drinks, but also serving the sale and refilling of prepaid cards (Tapcash, Brizzi and e-Money) using EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machines.

GBK Culinary Cart is also environmentally friendly. By using 2 the cross section of solar panels in each GBK Culinary Cart can produce energy equal to 70 watts which are used to meet the electricity needs. The use of solar panels has been carried out during the last 2 last month and until now the traders have not had any constraints on their use.