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The People's Crossing Road (JPO), Senayan Bunderan, Bung Karno JPO and Polda Metro Jaya JPO and inaugurated by the Governor of DKI Jakarta on 28 February 2019 The three JPOs have a unique and modern design complete with LED lights that beautify lighting that will beautify the city, CCTV which operates for 24 hours, 2 elevator fruit, guidance block which is certainly friendly for disabled people and pregnant women. All JPOs are also connected to Busway. JPO Bung Karno Stadium has a long span of 66,5 m, using ring material made from Sandwich Panels, Solid Polycarbonate roofing and Biowood GRM. In his remarks, the Governor of DKI Jakarta hopes that with the inauguration of these three JPOs, citizens who cross get a unique new experience.