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Employees within the Ministry of State Secretariat, especially GBK Employees, have carried out the COVID-19 vaccination not only for employees, but also given to cleaners, gardening officers, GBK Mini Electric Bus driver officers and other field officers. The vaccination activity is carried out in two stages. The first dose vaccination was carried out simultaneously on March 1, 2021 to March 12, 2021 at each Work Unit. After 14 days, the second dose of vaccination will be carried out on March 15, 2021 to March 24, 2021 at the same place. At GBK the first dose of vaccination is carried out at the GBK Arena.

Quoting information from the COVID-19-Ministry of Health Task Force Team on duty at GBK, dr. Amni Rifdania (24/3/2021) stated that vaccines are the second bastion of defense for every individual. The first bastion of defense so as not to be exposed to the COVID-19 virus is to implement health protocols. Meanwhile, the second stronghold is the COVID-19 vaccination. The vaccination itself is divided into two stages of injecting the dose. There is a time lag for the injection of the COVID-19 vaccine between the first and second doses, namely 14 days to 28 days for the 18-59 year age group.

The vaccination used is Sinovac which has been through clinical trials and is guaranteed its halalness so that the public does not have to doubt its safety and benefits. The first dose of COVID-19 vaccination serves to introduce the dead virus (inactivated virus) Covid-19 to the recipient. Then the virus will work to create an antibody response to the body's immune system. Meanwhile, the second dose of vaccination serves to optimize immunity or immunity against the COVID-19 virus. After receiving the COVID-19 vaccination it is not necessarily that GBK employees or other vaccine recipients can live a normal life, but we must continue to adapt to new habits and of course continue to carry out the Health protocol.