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The Gelora Bung Karno Complex Management Center (PPKGBK) carried out the inauguration of structural officials in the PPKGBK environment on March 8, 2021 at the GBK Main Stadium. The President Director of PPKGBK, Rakhmadi A. Kusumo appointed 10 officials consisting of 1 Head of Internal Supervision Unit, 2 Head of Division and 7 Head of Unit. The oath of office and inauguration were held while maintaining the health protocol, including wearing a mask properly, washing hands first before entering the grandstand area and maintaining a distance of 1 meter. This event was witnessed by employees and officials in the PPKGBK environment.

In his remarks, the President Director said that even though the COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for so long, GBK will continue to advance the nation and state. He also recalled the big vision of GBK, which is to make a sports area that is environmentally friendly, modern and integrated with international standards.

"Let's work seriously, let's work as a family. What is good is maintained and what is not good, we are looking for a solution, ”said Rakhmadi A. Kusumo