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A theme festival about love 'Love Festival' is held February 21-22, 2020 at Istora GBK. In accordance with the theme, this music festival gives the audience an atmosphere of festival atmosphere full of love. Presenting top artists in Indonesia, among others, Noah, Tulus, Rossa, Reza Artamevia, even foreign artists such as HRVY and Sun Rai as well as several other artists alternately sang songs with the theme of love.

Entering the Istora courtyard area, every spectator had worn a ticket in the form of a bracelet. Various food booths and games can be visited before the festival begins. The committee has also placed information boards to make it easy to visit to access the places in this festival.

The colorful decoration marks a cheerful atmosphere in the Istora arena, moreover a heart shape that will light up when the singer is on the stage. Stage decoration with a variety of different concepts seemed to deliver the tone and hypnotize the visitors to join in singing together.