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19 days before the Asian Games 2018 event, Gelora Bung Karno area will be cleaned simultaneously on 30 July 2018. The clean-up activity, titled "Grebek Kebersihan Sudirman-Thamrin Area GBK", is a cleaning effort undertaken by the Management Center of Bung Karno Complex Management (PPKGBK) supported by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. Prior to the start of the cleanup activities, an apple will be conducted by the Governor of DKI Jakarta at Pintu Satu (Basin Plaza Barat) Gelora Bung Karno followed by more than 1.000 people consisting of PPKGBK Employees, Orange, Green, Blue, White-Ash , and Yellow and a number of Regional Device Work Unit (SKPD) DKI Jakarta Province and Hygiene Officers from PT. ISS.
Grebek Cleanliness Sudirman-Thamrin Area GBK done to clean the area either from the rest of the renovation materials and organic and non organic waste. It is expected that the area of ​​GBK cleaner, beautiful and comfortable for anyone who comes even more GBK area will be a place to greet the guests of the State, both athletes, officials, journalists and tourists from abroad especially at the time of the Asian Games 2018 which will take place on 18 August to 2 September 2018.
The clearing area division is divided into 5 zoning and each zone will be cleaned simultaneously.