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The Ministry of State Secretariat held the Advanced Indonesian Festival at the August 22 25 at the Sudirman Plaza Gelora Bung Karno Complex. This activity is supported by the Bung Karno Complex Management Center, the Kemayoran Complex and Cooperative Management Center of the Ministry of State Secretariat.

The Forward Indonesia Festival is a form of appreciation to seven Indonesian Presidents from Sukarno to Joko Widodo and in the context of celebrating the 47 Anniversary of Indonesian Independence. A variety of activities are presented in this festival including the Cross-Palace Literacy Exhibition, the People's Party and the People's Stage. The Scriptures of Lintas Lintas Istana exhibit various types of archives consisting of more than 400 photos, paper archives and 10 short films. Visitors can see directly and take pictures with various backgrounds of art in the form of paintings, photos, quotes, letters and greeting cards. In addition, the exhibition also displayed the history of the existence and development of the Bung Karno Gelora Complex, a video and a visualization of a mock-up of the sports area. The history of Kemayoran Airport as the first airport of the Republic of Indonesia was also displayed alongside the cartoon character Tin-Tin. The Indonesian Forward Festival is open to the public and free.