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Towards Eid al-Adha 1440 H, the Bung Karno (GBK) Management through the Board of Prosperity Board (DKM) of the Albina Mosque GBK prepared thousands of bamboo baskets instead of plastic used to package sacrificial meat. The choice of bamboo baskets is one of GBK's efforts to be more caring and environmentally friendly. Naturally the use of bamboo baskets can slow down the development of bacteria, because bamboo baskets have better air circulation than plastic bags. In addition to using baskets, the committee also added banana leaves as the base inside.

A total of 7 cows and 5 goats are donations on behalf of 40 employees who retired in 2019, self-management employees, Imam and Marbot Al Bina Mosque. In addition, DKM Albina Mosque also received 1 head of cattle donated from the All Indonesian Football Association and 1 head of cattle from PT. Centrepark Citra Corpora, and 1 goat tail donations from Sogo Plaza Senayan and 1 goat tail donations from Plaza Senayan Food Hall.

The execution of the sacrifice of all sacrificial animals was carried out on 12 August 2019 at the Al Bina Mosque Mosque GBK. The distribution is done through a coupon that is distributed several days before the execution of the slaughter. This is done to keep order smooth in the process of distribution or distribution of sacrificial meat.