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Right at the age of the 58th GBK which falls on September 24, 2020 at the GBK Arena, GBK Management launched an innovation called "GBK Smart Field System".

Previously, management had implemented online booking, a web-based online system that made it easier for people, both individuals and event organizers, to rent or book venues in the GBK area. The GBK Smart Field System is an extension of online booking. This system functions as a control tool for field use so that it is automatically integrated with the online booking system.

Customers who place a venue booking on the online booking system will receive a "qr code (quick response code)" which is used as a ticket which must be scanned by the customer when going to use the field, then the GBK Smart Field System will display the period of time to use the venue. When the time shows 5 minutes before the rental time is over, the GBK Smart Field System will deliver a notification, then when the time is over, the venue lights will automatically turn off.

For the initial stage, the GBK Smart Field System has just been tested in several venues, namely the ABC Football Field, and the Field on the 2nd Floor of the GBK Arena specifically for reservations for "games". In the future, GBK will implement this system in all GBK venues both for "games" and "events".

Even in the midst of a pandemic, this innovation is a tangible manifestation that GBK Management continues to strive to modernize venue management and improve services to the community.