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GBK Management in collaboration with Indurocs (Indonesia Enduro Championship) held the GBK Indonesian Road Bike Championship (GBK iROCS). The series of GBK iROCS activities were held at the November 22 23-2019 on the Ring Road of the GBK Main Stadium. GBK iROCS is a national bicycle racing competition that was first held at GBK.

He chose the sport of cycling because cycling is one of the most popular sports and is now a lifestyle of the people who can certainly be accommodated in the GBK area.

GBK iROCS competed in the 3 categories namely the Indonesian Folding Bike Championship, the Indonesian Road Bike Championship, and the Indonesian Push Bike Championship. The committee provides cash prizes of hundreds of millions of rupiah for the Folding Bike Championship category, while for other categories, cash prizes of tens of millions of rupiah and various doorprozes for the lucky ones.

GBK iROCS is one of the evidences that GBK Management also supports the development of sports achievements and the GBK area can be used to accommodate hobbies, healthy lifestyles to reap achievements.