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The Ministry of State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia again held a second dose of vaccination, previously vaccination activities were also held in several locations such as the housing of the Ministry of State Secretariat, the Bung Karno Gelora Complex Management Center (PPKGBK) and the Kemayoran Complex Management Center. The vaccination activity this time was carried out at PPKGBK precisely at the GBK Sebaguna Building which will last for 2 days, starting from 19-20 August 2021. It is targeted that more than 200 family members of employees within the Ministry of State Secretariat can receive this second dose of COVID-19 vaccination. Previously, the first dose of vaccination was carried out on July 15-16, 2021.


Since morning, dozens of people have been queuing in an orderly manner. During the activity, all implementers and participants of vaccination always apply strict health protocols. The vaccination process begins with registration, checking blood pressure and body temperature, screening, injecting vaccines, recording and observing for 30 minutes. 


At around 10.15 WIB, the Head of the General Bureau of the Ministry of State Secretariat accompanied by the President Director of PPKGBK and the General Director of PPKGBK directly inspected the vaccination process that took place at the GBK Multipurpose Building.


This activity is one of the efforts of the Ministry of State Secretariat to succeed in the national vaccination program and efforts to achieve herd immunity. It is hoped that after receiving the vaccination, the immunity of the participants can be better prepared to deal with the COVID-19 virus. Participants were also reminded to always apply health protocols wherever they are to prevent and break the chain of spread of COVID-19.