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GBK Management received a visit from IT Nurul Fikri, Bogor, which was received directly by the Head of the Organization Secretary Subdivision as a representative of GBK Management on Thursday, January 23, 2020. The arrival of the student group was accompanied by 6 tutors to visit three GBK venues, namely the Aquatic Stadium, Archery Field, and Basket Hall.

The first venue visited was the Aquatic Stadium. Entering the Aquatic Stadium area, all students are welcome to sit in groups in the telescopic stands. The event opened with an introduction from representatives of the GBK and continued with an explanation of the Aquatic Stadium. The students listened to the explanation about the Aquatic Stadium. Question and answer session was held to clarify the exposure that has been delivered.

Next, the group proceeded to the second venue, the Archery Field. GBK management, in collaboration with the Jakarta Archery Club (JAC), has prepared archery equipment and provided materials for archery that are good and right. Previously, students had gotten a brief explanation about Archery Field. After the explanation, students are invited to try archery.

The last visit was the Basket Hall venue. Student enthusiasm is unstoppable when allowed to play basketball. To conclude the visit, the group took a group photo with the Head of the Organization Secretary Subdivision and Head of the Basket Hall Unit. The surrender of symbolic gifts from SMP IT Nurul Fikri was submitted to the GBK management representative.