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Jakarta, December 28, 2020 - Responding to the news circulating regarding Istora GBK as a shelter for Covid 19 patients, the Management of the Bung Karno Gelora Management Complex (GBK) stated that the news was untrue (hoax). During the Covid-19 pandemic, Istora GBK was not used or used for any activities.


Based on the Regulation of the Governor of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta Number 51 of 2020 concerning the Implementation of Large-Scale Social Restrictions During the Transition Period Towards a Healthy, Safe, and Productive Society, GBK Management always prepares the venue and GBK area in terms of cleanliness, security and comfort. In addition, GBK Management has consistently made various recommendations regarding health protocols published in various media platforms.


Various activities carried out by the community in the GBK area since the implementation of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) for the Transition Period Towards "New Normal"Periodically becomes a material for evaluating the implementation of health protocol rules at GBK.


The strict health rules and protocols implemented by GBK Management include implementing the 3M program (using masks, washing hands, and maintaining a minimum physical distance of 1.5 meters). Body temperature checks and restrictions for pregnant women and children under 9 years of age are also carried out. It is hoped that active participation and high public awareness to implement it are expected to be able to break the chain of spreading the Covid 19 virus.


The efforts made by GBK Management periodically and consistently aim to make people able to exercise safely and comfortably in the GBK Area.