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Bung Karno Stadium now has the latest technology that can make it easier for customers to use facilities specifically at the GBK Aquatic Stadium. Biometrics Membership began to be tested on 17 December 2018. Membership biometrics is a GBK Management innovation to make it easier for customers to access facilities at the Aquatic Stadium by using body parts as identity or authentication tools.

This Biometrics Membership has several advantages including sign and access to customer membership without risk of forgetting, missing, or borrowing from other people. This is different from other non-biometrics authentication methods such as passwords, identity cards, keys, which can be lost at any time, forgotten, borrowed by others, because conventional authentication technology utilizes what is known and what is owned, while biometrics uses parts the body of the individual (in this case the fingerprint), which cannot be forgotten, lost or borrowed by another person. So customers who have become members can directly attach fingerprints to biometric devices and entrances to the Aquatic Stadium pool area and utilize the facilities inside.