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Management Center Management Bung Karno Sports Complex continues to strive to preserve the environment. By putting forward an environmentally friendly concept, the GBK electric car seized the attention of visitors who came to the GBK Complex during the 2018 Asian Games. This zero emision electric car with a capacity of 14 for passengers can travel as far as 60 km when the battery is fully charged. On the roof of an electric car there is a solar panel that is used as a secondary power that can store energy for use during 30 minutes.
The GBK electric car was introduced to the public during the Indonesian Harmony event held at 5 August 2018 at GBK East Plaza. Some of the country's leading figures have tested the capabilities of this electric car, namely the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Minister of Public Housing and Public Works, Minister of Youth and Sports, Governor of DKI Jakarta and several other figures while traveling around the GBK venue.