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Approaching the anniversary (HUT) of the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, it is usually greeted with various activities every year. However, this 2020 anniversary will be different from previous years. This year, the 75th anniversary of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence will be celebrated in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic so that this anniversary will not be as festive as previous years. But this does not detract from the essence of the warning itself.

The Management of the Bung Karno Gelora Management Complex (PPKGBK) actively participated in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence. Internally, various efforts were made, including decorating the area with more than 200 banners and installing a Red and White Flag at each venue starting at the end of July 2020. Entering the beginning of August 2020, the GBK area began to be filled with red and white themed ornaments. It is not an easy thing to decorate sports areas and venues because of the various forms of buildings. Sometimes this effort to decorate requires a lot of energy and guts, such as when installing ropes and flags on the roof of the GBK Main Stadium. By adhering to security and safety protocols, the officers climbed the steps leading to the catwalk above the stands and walked to the outer end of the roof of the GBK Main Stadium which was more than 30 m high while carrying supports, ropes and the Red and White Flag. Laying the rope also requires patience, because it is at the end of the roof due to the wind and hot sun hitting it quite hard. The venue and the GBK area were also adorned with a red and white flag in the shape of a tarnish. This installation also requires a lot of energy because of the vast venue and area that must be decorated. Apart from the venue and area, the GBK landscape was also decorated to add to the liveliness of the GBK area.

PPKGBK management also socializes and appeals to business partners in the GBK environment regarding participation to decorate their work environment with red and white themed ornaments and to pause all activities and activities for 3 minutes on 17 August 2020 at 10.17-10.20 WIB. In addition, GBK Management also conveyed the direction of the Minister of State Secretary to the public regarding the Seconds Warning of Proclamation through loudspeakers that can reach all GBK areas and utilize visual media in the form of videotrons and LED runners scattered around the GBK area.

These various efforts are a tangible manifestation of the PPKGBK Management to continue to inflame the spirit of independence even though there are limitations due to Covid-19. This is not a barrier to keep creating for the sake of the country we love. Dirgahayu 75 Years of Indonesian Independence.