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Gelora Bung Karno Management (GBK) began implementing cashless payments to motorists who parked cars / motorbikes in GBK parking bags starting on October 14 2018. The following are parking bag points inside the GBK area, namely the parking lot at Aquatic Stadium, Istora, South Parking, Field A, B and C, Open Basketball Court, Al Bina Mosque, Multipurpose Building Canteen and Rugby Field.

This cashless payment can be made using prepaid cards namely e-money (Bank Mandiri), Tapcash (BNI), Flazz (BCA), and Brizzi (BRI).

Using a cashless payment system can reduce vehicle queues, transaction times when parking payments at the exit and prevent the occurrence of illegal levies. Visitors who use parking bags inside the GBK area are required to have a prepaid card.