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The 1990s boyband Boyzone felt a wonderful memory when he started his farewell concert entitled 'Thank You & Goodnight Farewell Tour 2019', Sunday (24/3/2019) night at Tennis Indoor GBK. Ronan Keating with Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham, Shane Lynch started the concert with the song "Who We Are". "Tonight we will bring all our hits from the 90s to our latest album Thank You and Goodnight," said Ronan Keating when opening their concert.

They also invited the audience to sing their songs, "we will bring you to open a memory of nostalgia when you first fall in love, until your first dance" they asked. They also invited Isyana Sarasvati to sing with them to perform the song "No Matter What".

According to Keith Duffy, their concert went by very quickly like 25 years of their musical journey that felt like a blink of an eye. "Very quickly this evening passed. In that instant, 25 years passed. Thank you Jakarta for the memories, "said Keith Duffy.