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The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) as the parent of the world soccer organization on October 24, 2019 has officially ensured that Indonesia is the host of the U-20 World Cup in 2021. This is the first time that Indonesia has hosted the world cup after 22 years of holding an event. great world football. Various preparations have begun to be carried out by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, especially the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI). Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (GBK) has become one of the most potential venues to hold a series of world cup events in 2021.

With various supporting facilities and facilities, GBK Main Stadium has become one of the sports venues that is most ready to host the world cup. However, this is still not perfect, so GBK Management has begun to improve the structure of the football venue, both the GBK Main Stadium as a venue for matches and several other open football fields which will be used for the training venue of the participating teams to compete.

One of the improvements made by the Management of GBK is to improve the arena of the GBK Main Stadium. Efforts are being made to produce thousands of biopores on weak grass spots and require extra care. Biopori is a technique to make a hole in the ground by using a hole cutter, then replacing the growing media that has been dense with new sand media and restore grass to normal. The distance between one biopori point and the other is 50 cm with a depth of 20-25 cm. It is expected that by making this biopori can improve the planting media and water can seep up to be able to reach the root zone area. If the planting media and water absorption are sufficient, then the growth of grass will be even better. Other improvements will be carried out simultaneously to meet the provisions and completeness in force.