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The figure of the Proclamator wore a cap on his head, a safari shirt with four pockets with a belt that limited two pockets in the top and two pockets under, right and left and the left hand that was overlapping a jacket as high as a belt standing proudly in front of the "Bilik Nusantara" caldron . Edhi Sunarso is a sculptor whose name is no stranger to the world of art, he is known to be close to Bung Karno, was born in Salatiga, 2 July 1932 and at the age of 83 breathed his last breath on 4 January 2016 then. The Maestro works in the form of statues and dioramas are icons in several places in Jakarta, namely the Welcome Statue statue at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout, Dirgantara Statue at Pancoran, Statue of Liberation of West Irian in Banteng Square, Diorama of the Transportation Museum History at Beautiful Indonesia Mini Park, Monument of Pancasila Sakti at Lubang Buaya and various other iconic works. Because of his extraordinary works, the state has considered it a great contribution to the nation and state in advancing and fostering national culture. So, he was awarded the Honorary Sign of the Parama Dharma Cultural Star on 12 August 2003.
The implementation of the 1964 Asian Games IV Year by Edhi Sunarso adorns Jakarta by making a statue of young people facing north, towards the Kemayoran Airport as if it were welcoming guests who will attend the 1962 Asian Games IV Year grand event.
One of Edhi Sunarso's works graced the Bung Karno Sports Complex. The figurative statue made of 440 cm bronze stands directly facing Jalan Jenderal Sudirman as if to greet the visitors who come to the Bung Karno Sports Complex that came not only during the XVIII 2018 Asian Games. The statue of Bung Karno made by Edhi Sunarso in the year 1998 became one of the photo spots that are always in demand by visitors.