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Aquatik Stadium Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) is the venue for all aquatic sports competitions at the 2018 Asian Games. There are 3 pools that are used for matches, namely match pools, water polo pools, and beautiful diving pools with semi-closed roofs and 1 ponds for heating. To maintain the clarity of the pool water is no longer using chlorine, but using chlorine and disinfectant substances and the water temperature is maintained between 26 to 28 degrees Celsius.

With the facilities currently owned, Aquatic Stadium is the best aquatic venue in Asia. GBK management is able to maintain and maintain the pools and supporting facilities to always be ready to use. Maintenance is carried out routinely, namely by using a vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner that is a pool cleaning machine equipped with microprocessors and works automatically to find dirt both at the bottom and on the walls of the pool to clean. With the capabilities of this machine, it is certain that the need for a ready-to-use pool can be fulfilled and it is ensured the efficiency of time and cleaning power.

Normally the Aquatik Stadium cleaning officers carried out 2 day shifts at 22.00-24.00 WIB and 04.00-06.00 WIB with a total of 10 janitors, during the 2018 Year XVIII Asian Games there was the addition of janitors to 24 hours divided by 3 shift with total 30 officers cleanliness. For cleaning at the bottom of the pond. In addition to using the robotic pool vacuum cleaner is also done manually to ensure the underwater camera area is also kept clean. Besides every day the officers from the GBK Aquatic Stadium Unit also have to check the acidity level (ph) of water and chlorine levels using a testkit so that the pool water is in accordance with the requirements of the Fédération Internationale de Natation, namely 7,2-7,6 for ph and 1,0-2,0 for chlorine and do not have substances that harm swimmers. After undergoing treatment and ensuring that all conditions required by FINA in terms of clarity, acidity and cleanliness have been fulfilled, the organizer of activities such as INASGOC responsible for carrying out activities can carry out its activities. During the 2018 Asian Games, swimmers competing at the GBK Aquatic Stadium made the highest achievement, namely the world record-breaking printed by Liu Xiang, the Chinese swimming athlete at the 50 women's back meter. This record occurred at the 2018 Asian Games Women's Swimming Pool Final. The previous record occurred in 2009 in the Aquatic World Championship in Rome with a record time of 27,06 seconds. Liu defeated his own countryman record holder Zhao Jing by recording 26,98 seconds. Responding to the world record-breaking at the 2018 Asian Games, Husain Al Musallam as the General Director of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) said he was pleased that the record-breaking pool showed the quality of Asian sports was so good that it could surpass the world record ever. Husain also expressed his praise that the quality of the GBK Aquatic Stadium was very good and had qualified facilities as one of the supporting factors for the outstanding swimming athletes.