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GBK Management presents "GBK Mini Electric Bus". Promoting the concept of environmentally friendly GBK Mini Electric Bus is powered by electricity so it does not produce exhaust emissions or zero emission. This vehicle has 2 supply of resources, namely through electric charging and solar system power obtained through solar panel slabs on the roof which are used as secondary power that can store energy for 30 minutes of usage.

This vehicle is a form of service to the general public who visits the GBK area without any charge or free. GBK Mini Electric Bus began operating on June 26, 2020. Traveling around the GBK area is one of the activities that can be utilized by the community in the GBK area which is not only intended for sports but can also accommodate a variety of community activities in social interaction. The vehicle is in the form of a minibus and semi-open, so that people can feel the fresh air and enjoy the shade of the trees while walking around the area.
The normal capacity of this vehicle is 14 people, but during the Covid-19 pandemic the capacity of the vehicle was limited to 9 people. The route is South Parking Stop, Aquatic Stop, Baseball Stop, Basketball Hall Stop, Various Field Stop, Parking B Stop and Parking Building Stop A. During the trial period GBK Mini Electric Bus operates from Wednesday to Friday at 10.00:18.00 to 07.00:17.00 pm WIB , and Saturday-Sunday from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX WIB.

Isn't this interesting enough to try? There have been many officials in this country and the people who tried it, how about you guys? So I'm not curious, let's try one of the new activities at GBK by going around using the GBK Mini Electric Bus without any charge. Good luck.