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The Indonesian Archery Princess, Diananda Choirunisa, managed to make an achievement by successfully entering the final round of women's singles recursion at the 2018 Asian Games on 28 August 2018 at the Bung Karno Gelahan Field.

Match single recurve numbers are done head to head. The two archers took turns shooting three arrows in five sets. Diananda must recognize the superiority of Altet China, Zhang Xinyan with the final score of 3-7. Although Diananda was only able to gain silver but she made a new history for archery sports. Other achievements were made through the men's singles recurve number, Riau Ega Agata Salsabillla after defeating Kazakh athlete Ilfat Abdullin with the final 6-2 score.

During the Asian Games, Indonesian Archery athletes were only able to gain silver and bronze medals. For the 24 silver medal last year, at the 1994 Asian Games on Hiroshima. The medals were obtained from the women's team recurve numbers by 3 Indonesian Archers, namely Dahliana, Rusena Gelanteh, and Purnama Pandiangan. Other silver was donated from the men's team recurve number at the 1982 Asian Games and bronze at the 1978 Asian Games.