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The implementation of "GBK Photo Challenge 2019" was over. Presenting professional judges in the field of photography and journalism, namely Jerry Aurum, Dita Alangkara and Andrew Suryono, who decided the winners in each category, namely:

Camera Category
The winner of 1 with the title "Romanticism in GBK" by Afriadi Akmal.
The winner of 2 entitled "Beautiful Jumping Facilities with Minimalist Architecture at the Aquatic GBK Stadium" by Surjadi Martana.
The winner of 3 is entitled "Al-Bina GBK Mosque" by Ujang Hidayat.

Drone Category
The winner of 1 is titled "GBK City Park" by Adji Bowo.
The winner of 2 with the title "Let's Keep Our Pride of GBK Together" by Sony El Farid.
3 winner with the title "The Stadium City Lights" by Rifky Widianto.

Appreciation of the 2019 GBK Photo Challenge winners was held on 10 June 2019 at the Albina GBK Mosque Hall and received a prize in the form of a Special Edition Savings and Tapcash BNI card with pictures of the winners. In addition, the winners also had the opportunity to take part in the GBK Stadium Tour. On this occasion, they expressed their gratitude to GBK for appreciating the creations and works produced at GBK after the biggest renovation in its history.