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Carrying the concept of a multifunctional building, the GBK Aquatic Stadium can now be used for various other activities such as triathlon activities and try outs of high school students or equivalent before joining the SBMPTN, which was held some time ago. For football sports lovers, watching their idol teams compete has its own preoccupation even more so if it is done together, known as "Nobar" or Watch Together. Nobar activities are usually carried out in various places, starting from restaurants, cafes, fields, city parks, urban village offices to poskamling. Now, nobar activities have an alternative new place, namely at GBK Aquatic Stadium. At 24 February 2019 at the Aquatic Stadium was held a football match between Manchester United vs Liverpool. Two large screens mounted on the side of the west stand and hundreds of spectators watched the match at the east stand of the GBK Aquatic Stadium. The voices of each of the supporters of Manchester United and Liverpool sounded mutually supportive even though a draw took place at the end of the game, but the two supporters remained sporty and still maintained security and order.