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Number: 02 / PPKGBK / Pokja ULP / 11 / 2017

Auction Code: 21627011

 The ULP PPKGBK Working Group invited companies that are engaged in management consulting services for building construction that are interested and meet the requirements to participate in the auction process with the following conditions:

  1. Work Packages

Name of work package: Procurement of Construction Management Consultant for Wisma Fajar Building Renovation Project

Total value of HPS: IDR 3.082.795.000,00

Funding source: BLU

Fiscal Year: 2018


  1. Requirements
  • Has a permit / business certification for Non-Small Business Qualifications along with a Business Entity Certificate (SBU) from LPJK which is still valid sub-sector: Building Construction Supervision Work Services (RE 201) and Project Management Services related to building construction (KL 403)
  • Has a Construction Service Business License (SIUJK), Company Registration Certificate (TDP)
  • One and / or all business executives and entities are not blacklisted
  • Own NPWP and has fulfilled the tax obligation of the last year (Annual Tax Return)
  • Obtain at least 1 (one) occupation as a provider of Construction Management Consulting Services Design and Build Construction / Renovation of multi-storey building over 10 Floor with minimum value of 100 Billion, both in government and private sphere including subcontract experience
  • Having experience in the job Construction Management Consulting Services Design and Build Construction / Renovation of a multi-storey Building over 10 Floor with a minimum value of 100 Billion, with a total weight rating of 100%, consisting of: a. Experience on similar work with weight 50%; b. The suitability of the value of similar work that has been completed with the value of the work to be competed with the weight of 35%; c. Work Experience at the same location at the District / Town level with a weight of 10%; d. Domicile of Holding Company (province / regency / city level, except Jakarta Province) with weight of 5%; e. number a), b), c), and d) equal to 100%
  • have the ability to provide personnel needed for the execution of work as stated in the Terms of Reference (KAK)
  • has a Permanent Expert with the required qualifications required under the Terms of Reference (TOR)
  • has ISO quality management certificate 9001: 2015
  • submit a list of jobs that have been and are being worked on
  • Having the ability to provide facilities / equipment / equipment to perform the work of this Consultancy Services, namely: Theodolite, Compass, EDM Reflektor, Topcon Strereoskop, Drafting Machine, Clinometer
  1. Procurement Schedule Schedule
  • Can be seen on the LPSE website
  1. Announcement Screening
  • LPSE website (
  • GBK website (
  1. Procurement Document downloaded through SPSE application