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When the cool dew still covered the morning, some GBK employees had prepared hundreds of baskets containing mini cone. The basics were presented neatly on all the work tables of the GBK Employees before 07.00 WIB. Today, September 24 2019 right 57 Year GBK present adorn the country. A sports complex that will always be the pride of the nation but still maintained along with the times.

Yellow rice cone becomes a form of gratitude for the celebration of GBK's 57 Birthday. Tumpeng is one of Indonesia's cultural traditions. Conical shape symbolizes communication. It is hoped that in the future communication can always go well and all hopes can come true. Yellow has the meaning of prosperity, welfare. Side dishes are a symbol of complementarity, harmony and togetherness. The use of baskets has become one of the forms of Indonesian handicraft and its use has become one of the forms of concern to reduce environmentally friendly plastics. Like the existence of GBK, which will continue to exist following the times and environmentally friendly and become the pride and unifying the nation.