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In order to improve Public Services, PPKGBK Management held an activity titled, "Seminar on Optimizing Public Services" presenting the Chairperson of the Daily Executive Board of the Indonesian Consumers Foundation, Mr. Tulus Abadi, SH, Head of the Department of Environment and DKI Jakarta, Drs. H. Isnawa Adji and Customer Service Motivator, Ms. Suciana Dian Novita.

This event was opened by the Director followed by exposure delivered by the informant. The sidelines of a seminar held also surrender Carriage Motor Environment Agency and Jakarta Cleanliness is delivered directly by the Head of Jakarta Environmental Office to the Director PPKGBK. Seminar held at the Bung Karno Multipurpose Building was attended by the Employees, Business Partners, and community representatives, representatives of street vendors, the vendors, as well as sports lovers in Gelora Bung Karno.