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Hundreds of Pasundan University students participated in the discussion held by the Ministry of State Secretariat in collaboration with Bung Karno Management on Monday, November 25 2019 in the Press Conference Room of the GBK Main Stadium. Entitled "Innovation Towards Advanced Indonesia" this activity was attended by the Special Staff of the President, Aminuddin Ma'ruf and GBK Director General, Susan W.

It was started with the remarks by the Deputy Assistant for Public Relations who said that the Ministry of the State Secretariat was intensively innovating and building communication with the millennials to shoulder-to-shoulder towards Forward Indonesia. In line with this, the Ministry of State Secretariat with its various innovations became The Ultimate Showcase of Indonesia.

The speaker who was no less exciting was Aminuddin Ma'ruf who had only been appointed a Special Staff to the President for several days. He said that the problem faced by millennial is that the low level of literacy makes a critical mindset, less skilled to pessimistic. In addition, economic problems also have an impact on sustainability after finishing college namely employment. Therefore, the government is again promoting skills training programs, giving space to innovate and being creative and broadening the horizon for millennials to take part in developing Indonesia.

The next speaker was the General Director of GBK who explained the history, developments and innovations that have been and are currently carried out by GBK Management, both technological and non-technological. The event was interspersed with a number of games which were quite enthusiastic followed by the students and ended with a visit to the GBK Main Stadium facilities.