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The Minister along with the ranks of the Ministry of Youth and Sports visited GBK Arena on Friday, July 10, 2020. The Minister of Youth and Sports who also served as Chair of the Organizing Committee for the 20 U-2021 World Cup (Indonesia FIFA u-20 World Cup 2021 Organizing Committee / INAFOC ) directly review the facilities at GBK Arena related to INAFOC office preparation. Based on several factors, namely infrastructure and facilities that meet the standards, a strategic location in the center of the city so that it can be accessed from various directions, and not far from the training venue or competition. In addition, GBK Arena was used for the office of the Asian Para Games Organizing Committee (INAPGOC) in 2018.

"We reviewed the venue, the secretariat for the organizing committee of the 20 U-2021 World Cup. We see this building (GBK Arena) because it was used for the 2018 Asian Para Games. So we think this is the right place. There are other options offered by the President Director (Main Director of GBK), but after we saw it, he immediately chose this (GBK Arena). All committee activities will be centered here, ”said the Minister of Youth and Sports, Zainudin Amali.

On the same occasion, the President Director of GBK, Winarto conveyed an explanation regarding the provision of venues for INAFOC, "PPK GBK as venue management certainly enthusiastically welcomes this international event. We have prepared the fields, we have also signed this commitment since June 2019 and we continue to monitor it, soon there will also be minor changes in some of our venues, including the soccer field. Not only at the Main Stadium, but also at the Intermediate Stadium it can be used. Later, you just have to choose which one to use, ”.

Preparations for the implementation are currently still awaiting the publication of the committee structure of the international Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), after which INAFOC will coordinate according to the directives and regulations issued by FIFA.