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Ramadan, the holy month is missed. The month in which people compete to gain merit. The moon opened the doors of heaven and closed the door of hell. Glory months for Muslims to fast during the day, increase worship, do good deeds and share. One of the services that can be done in this month of Ramadan is by visiting the assembly of knowledge. Through the Al Bina GBK Mosque Prosperity Board held an activity "Dzuhur Ramadhan Thematic Study of Al Bina GBK Mosque". This study activity has become a routine agenda carried out at the Al Bina GBK Mosque which is usually held every Wednesday with the Dzuhur. During the month of Ramadhan, the study activities at the Al Bina Mosque are carried out on Monday to Thursday, the Dzuhur.

The implementation of the study activities at the Al Bina Mosque was held at rest so that it did not interfere with work time. Pilgrims can also enrich knowledge about the Islamic perspective in living their daily lives both in the office and in the environment. This is in line with the words of the Prophet Muhammad that, "Whoever takes a path to seek knowledge, Allah makes it easy for him the road to heaven" (HR Muslim). Allah SWT will make it easier to enter heaven for people who are seeking knowledge whose purpose is to seek blessings in the way of Allah SWT, to gain knowledge, take advantage of syar'i science and practice the consequences. Allah will make it easier for him the way to heaven on the Day of Judgment, when he passes the shirat and is facilitated from various fears.

Take advantage of breaks while looking for goodness by enriching knowledge such as rowing two-three islands exceeded. Productive time to work can be optimal and even resting blessings can still be achieved by visiting the assembly of knowledge at Al Bina GBK Mosque.