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The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia launched a National Digital Literacy Program entitled Indonesia Increasing Digital Capability in 2021 at the Bung Karno Basketball Hall (20/5/2021). The event was attended by Minister of Communications and Information Technology Johnny G. Plate, Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian, and Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Nadiem Makarim and public figure Nicholas Saputra as well as thousands of participants who joined online using the zoom platform. All participants who attended offline had undergone the COVID-19 test and pocketed negative results, besides that at the time of the event they also continued to apply health protocols. This activity was also broadcast live on 16 national tv stations.

This National Digital Literacy Program is aimed at building public awareness and knowledge regarding the use of new technology, as well as improving people's digital skills in interacting in the digital space.

At the opening of this event the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo delivered a speech delivered online stating that this Digital Literacy Program can encourage various initiatives, carry out concrete work in the community so that they are more capable of using the internet for educational and productive activities. The entire community is asked to improve digital skills so that they are able to minimize negative content and flood the digital space with positive content. The existence of a digital connection must also be able to provide benefits and added value for all Indonesian people.

The Minister of Communication and Information said that the literacy program was a point of national awakening in the digital era. He also invited the Indonesian people to work together to create a digital society that was smarter and more advanced. In 2021, the National Digital Literacy Program is planned to hold 20.000 trainings based on modules and curricula targeting the four pillars of digital literacy, namely digital ethics, digital safety, digital skills, and digital culture. The training will reach more than 12,4 million trainees in 514 districts / cities in 34 provinces in Indonesia. This figure is expected to continue to increase in the next administration period.

After the Digital Literacy Program was launched, the Minister of Communication and Information and his entourage visited several training booths in front of the GBK Basketball Hall. Next, hold a press conference with the media crew at the media center booth. At the time of the declaration of the Digital Literacy Program, there were more than three hundred and fifty thousand participants online, so that this activity was able to carve the achievements of the Indonesian World Record Museum with the Most Participant Online Meetings.