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In order to ensure readiness venue GBK to be the host of the Asian Paragames Year 2018, Chair of Indonesia Asian Para Games Organizing Committee (National Committee of INAPGOC), Raja Sapta Oktohari and the Department of Youth and Sports of Jakarta Provincial Government conducted a direct observation to several venues in Gelora Bung Karno Complex namely Main Stadium, Sports Palace, Stadium Swimming and Basketball House (7 / 8). Asian Paragames will be held together after the Asian Games 2018, Asian Paragames is a special sporting event for athletes and visitors with special needs, a proof that the ability of athletes with special needs can be proud of and perform as normal human beings, especially in sports. Venue In GBK since its inception was not accommodating for the visitors or athletes special needs so that the National Committee INAPGOC and the contractors implementing a joint solution to prepare venue Friendly for athletes and visitors with special needs. Some things have been done on venue in GBK, among others, by building Ramp, Providing chairs, changing rooms and toilet Especially for people with disabilities, is expected in the future venue In GBK will be more friendly for the disabled and GBK can be a host not only for the Asian Games 2018 but also Asian Paragames 2018.