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Management Management Center Bung Karno Sports Complex (PPKGBK) as the Official Information and Documentation (PPID) Executing in the Ministry of the Secretariat of State, sent several employees to follow the Technical Assistance and Certification of Cultural Competence Documentation Base Rate for Government Personnel carried out by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Czech Indonesa (Communications RI) on April 10 13-2017 housed in the Center for Training and Development of Information and Communication Technology (BPPTIK) - Pustiknas Kominfo Ciputat.

The Bimtek activity which was attended by representatives from Ministries / Institutions / Government agencies was opened by the Ministry of Research and Development for Literacy and Professional Human Resources, Kominfo RI, Prof. Dr. Gati Gayatri, MA, in her speech, as Man behind the gunThe PPID has a very important role in the provision of services of public information and must have the ability are qualified to work in a professional manner to provide excellent service to the public.

Implementation of technical guidance and this certification is the implementation of Law No. Central Information Commission 14 2008 year, required the preparation of competent human resources and professional primarily engaged in the PPID in order to the development of society have access to public information.

The Public Information Disclosure Act is needed to support the realization good governance namely good governance and transparency. The birth of Law No. 14 of the year of Public Information Disclosure is a momentum in encouraging the disclosure of information on which the law is based and is a right for the public to obtain information openly, quickly, on time, low cost and simple.

At the end of the Technical Guidance activity, the National Commission on Communication and Information will conduct certification tests for all participants regarding all the material received by participants during the training.